F-104 星式戰鬥攔截機  Starfighter 
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One of 1,700 Starfighters built, our two-place G-model first served with the US Air Force, then for a while with the German Air Force, and was finally acquired by National Air and Space Administration in 1975, where it was used in safety tests, as a photo plane, and for pilot proficiency training -- one of its instructor-pilots being the legendary Chuck Yeager. After 1,127 flights, it was retired in 1985, then loaned to California Polytechnic College in 1995, and in turn to the Estrella Warbird Museum in March 2000.

■ F-104G 星式戰鬥攔截機性能諸元:

● 型式:戰鬥攔截機

● 用途:戰術攔截及對地攻擊

● 全長:16.69 公尺

● 翼展:6.69 公尺

● 全高:4.15 公尺

● 引擎推力:4,540 公斤 x 1

● 最大速度:2.2 馬赫

● 固定武裝:M61A1型20公厘火神機砲 x 1

● 乘員:1 名

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Photo by eweapon

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